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First15 Devotional

Jul 28, 2021

God is such a good, loving Father that he wants us to live with a foundational understanding of his affection toward us. He wants the knowledge of his unconditional love for us to be so deeply rooted within us, that all striving ceases and we live in total freedom as his children. Today we’re going to further explore that concept as we begin to finish up our week on knowing the heart of God.

Our Scripture for today comes from Ephesians 3:17-19, and today's worship is Your Love Is A Well by First15 Worship feat. Rachel Denison.

Check out our Worship for the Weekday playlist on Spotify!


Help more Spanish-speakers connect with God

Two years ago, First15 began a Spanish version called Primeros15. And God is using it to impact many lives. But today, he’s calling us to more. 

More Spanish-speaking men and women connecting with him and impacting the culture around them.

That’s why we’ve just launched a summer campaign to deepen the reach and impact of Primeros15 — and why we’re asking you to jump in with us!

We’ve set a $100,000 goal,so please give to help more Spanish-speakers connect with God.