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First15 Devotional

Feb 28, 2022

Being used by God requires inward humility and exaltation of Jesus as King. It’s the only way being used by the Lord can work. Today we’ll take a deeper dive in our own hearts and examine who is actually enthroned there.

Our Scripture for today comes from 1 Corinthians 10:31, and today's worship is My Jesus by Anne Wilson.


We are so excited to share our latest worship song, Coming Through, featuring Jeremiah Brinkley! Check it out on the various streaming platforms here or over at our YouTube channel, here!

What started as a daily email devotional in 2015 has grown into a worldwide movement of over 2.6 million men and women connecting with God every day through our app, First15 Worship, Primeros15, our Spanish-language platform, our podcast, and live and virtual events.

That’s millions of people encountering God’s presence — and being used by him to transform our culture.

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