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First15 Devotional

Apr 29, 2020

I don’t know if you can relate to this, but I’m beyond ready for this season to be over. After months of pandemic dominated news and overall unpredictability in life, I’m eager for things to go back to a sense of normalcy. There is no question that all of us have experienced struggle and suffering in some way over the past couple of months, and now the need for peace and healing seems greater than ever.

Today in the First15 podcast, Josh and I are joined by Jennie Lusko, the author of a brand new book called The Fight To Flourish. In our conversation, we explore the hope and comfort we can find in the presence of God, even when experiencing the pain of difficult circumstances. In 2012, Jennie and her husband Levi experienced the loss of their second-born daughter, Lenya, five days before Christmas. It’s a tragedy I can hardly imagine having to face. But I believe the story of their journey with God in the midst of such struggle will bring you hope and encouragement wherever you’re at today.