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First15 Devotional

Feb 24, 2021

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According to a recent Business Insider study, the average iPhone user reaches for their phone 2,616 times per day. 

That’s A LOT.

In case you’ve missed it, over the past few weeks in our First15 Podcast Conversations we’ve been talking about how to live intentionally in every area of our lives.

Today, we’re talking about what I think is the biggest obstacle to our success… media consumption.

You may be thinking I’m going to tell you that social media is evil, but that’s not the case. But I do think that media, in general, is designed to capture our attention, and will take over as much space as we allow in our lives. 

I hope you’ll join me, Rachel, and Josh as we each share the unique boundaries we have set up for our media consumption, as well as the tips we share for maintaining a healthy media relationship in your own life!

Pre-Order Your Copy of Living Intentionally Here!