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First15 Devotional

Apr 29, 2020

In today’s devotional, we wrap up our week on God giving good gifts by looking at how God is the giver of courage. Fear is something that plagues us all in this life. But our Father’s way is better. The Lord wants to cast out all fear with his perfect love and empower you to live boldly, full of courage and confidence. Open your heart today in light of God’s love. Let go of anything holding you back from abundant life, and step forward with Jesus into fearless living.

Our Scripture for today comes from Psalm 27:14, and today's worship is Stand in Your Love by Bethel Music.

First15 is a daily devotional written and recorded by Craig Denison. If you would like to learn more about the First15 app, books, blogs, videos and our other resources, please visit You can always reach out to us on our contact page on the website. 

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Reimagine what love looks like  

Jesus summed up our purpose with two statements: love God and love people. Love is at the center of our Christian faith, but in this season of COVID-19, it can be more difficult than ever to experience it, much less live it out. 

This is why we are launching volume 5 of our First15 Devotional Series, Love.

Within this 4-week journey, you will:

  • Learn how to stand firm on God’s love in every circumstance.
  • Receive lasting comfort in the goodness of God’s immense love for you.
  • Find ways to love others out of the overflow of God’s love for you, even from a distance.
  • Watch your faith come alive as you love God in word and deed. 

If you are longing to experience God’s love in a deeper way, please request your copy of Love today.