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First15 Devotional

Oct 2, 2022


In the last devotional of this week on transformation, we’re going to wrap up this focus by finishing our exploration into establishing a resurrection culture. May God continue this work of ongoing transformation, as we invite him to resurrect us in meaningful, fresh ways today.

Our Scripture for today comes from Romans 6:4, and today's worship is Holy Spirit by Kari Jobe feat Cody Carnes.



If you’ve wrestled with making Bible study a consistent habit of spiritual formation, A Light Unto My Path will inspire and encourage you to drink more deeply from the unending well that is the Bible. 

A Light Unto My Path will answer these 7 critical questions: 

  • Why do we read the Bible?
  • How was the Bible created?
  • Why do we need to interpret the Bible?
  • What is the Bible about?
  • What are the best tools for studying the Bible?
  • What can I learn from others?
  • How can I learn for myself?


I love that the goal of this book is not to learn more about the Bible (even though you will), but to better understand the Bible as one of the primary ways God seeks to have a relationship with us today. 

Get your copy today  at!