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First15 Devotional

Jan 27, 2022

So much of our faith is shrouded by mystery. It is impossible to fully comprehend the grandeur and elaborateness of God with our limited human understanding. But as we’ve seen this week, we have a God who longs to be sought out. May your questions and wonderings about God and his creation only push you farther into seeking him. Because he has made it clear that if you’ll seek him, you will find him.

Our Scripture for today comes from Proverbs 25:2, and today's worship is Lord Your Have My Heart by Elle Limebear.

Want a more thriving relationship with God in 2022?

There’s a lot of talk every new year about resolving to do this and resolving to do that. But no lasting change ever comes from doing more or trying harder.

Real change… and experiencing a truly abundant life… only come from one place: connecting with God. 

This is why Craig Denison wrote his book, Living Intentionally: Finding Meaning through a Modern Rule of Life. And it’s why we want to send you a copy today!

Craig wrote Living Intentionally to guide believers like you into a more thriving relationship with God. Because if your relationship with him is thriving, it invites you into a deeper, truer sense of abundant life no matter what life may bring.

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