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First15 Devotional

Aug 31, 2022

Not one of us is without sin. And each of us lives with a need for consistent repentance and an active receiving of God’s forgiveness. This is so crucial to living poor in spirit. The beauty of our God is that his forgiveness is promised at our repentance. There is no fear or shame in God’s perfect love and mercy. May we learn to embrace this aspect of walking with the Lord rather than shy away from it.


Our Scripture for today comes from Ephesians 1:7, and today's worship is Hide & Seek by First15 Worship feat. Nikki Moltz.



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With the Grace + Grow Bundle you can:

  • Grow in your connection to the vine, and experience the transformation that comes from a life lived with God!
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Grace and Grow will take you through 8 weeks of quality time with the Lord & explore topics like:

  • The freedom we find in God’s grace
  • The power of forgiveness towards yourself and others
  • How to walk honestly before God
  • How to follow God’s direction for your life


You don’t have to do this alone. We’re here to help. And it’s a privilege to help you make space that only God can fill. 


Know that your donation will go on to impact the lives of believers around the world who use First15 resources daily. 

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