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First15 Devotional

Mar 28, 2020

As human beings, we were created for connection first and foremost. Without meaningful connection to God, ourselves, and others, our quality of being and quality of life will diminish. 

So in these times of social distancing, we must look to new ways (which might just be ancient ways) of fostering connection. And in the power of God’s constant redemption, new rhythms of connection will bring about deeper relationship that extends far beyond the pandemic of COVID-19. 

So every now and then, I want to offer a simple moment of connection, a time where you might grow in self-awareness, grow in God-awareness, and even hold in loving prayer those around you both known and unknown. 

Take the next few moments to set aside work, entertainment, cooking, cleaning, whatever it might be, to foster a time of meaningful connection in stillness and in prayer… 

Father, Spirit, Son

Lead me down the path of stillness

That I might know that you are God,

And that you are good. 

I still my soul before you,

I slow my breath, in and out,

I rest in your presence. 

With courage I hold my fear before you

With love I hold my friends, my family before you

With a mustard seed of faith I hold this world before you. 

Come with healing O God

Come with wisdom O God

Come with connection O God

In this time of crisis

This time of pandemic

Work in and through us your people

Through stillness

Through prayer

Through empathy

Through action

For your glory

And our good

We pray